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Insight Dialogue Meditatation retreat on 13-19 .12.2013
in Sri Lanka

The Living Experience of the Factors of Awakening (bhojanga)

with Gregory Kramer, Ph.D. 

Can we experience the factors of awakening, from mindfulness to concentration, as alive within us? Can we learn to experience and so nurture them in our everyday lives? Is it possible to strengthen them by meditating in dialogue with other people?

In this retreat we will learn the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue. Supported by a noble silence that is only interrupted when we are in the meditation hall and practicing together in a deeply mindful, concentrated, investigative and kind way, we will explore the Dhamma as lived experience. Insight Dialogue has many worldly benefits: we learn to recognize and not push away emotions; we find levels of listening to others--and to ourselves--that we did not know were possible; we learn to be more sensitive and present with others and to bring our meditation practice into our everyday lives. As meditators worldwide have been discovering, Insight Dialogue can also significantly deepen our silent meditation practice and our felt understanding of the Buddha's teachings. This is a liberating insight practice.

Meditating together, we remind each other to be mindful, to pay attention. Meditating together, we investigate the Dhamma deeply, not as book learning but as the fleshy experience of this very life that the Buddha was actually trying to help us understand. Meditating together, our energy for practice grows, our joy blossoms. And even though being with other people can give rise to the most stimulating experiences, being with others can also help us to calm down, focus, and find find balance. Whatever hinders the factors of awakening--such as anger, agitation, or doubt--may reveal itself, be known, and be released. What remains is the awakened heart.

This retreat is suitable for people with a regular meditation practice. Attendees  should plan on a full retreat experience, without telephones, internet, reading, or other distractions, and be present for the entire week. 

About the Teacher
Gregory Kramer has taught Vipassana and Metta practice since 1980. He has studied with esteemed teachers, including Anagarika Dhammadina, Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya, Achan Sobin Namto, and Ven. Punnaji Maha Thero. Gregory is the author of Insight Dialogue: the Interpersonal Path to Freedom (Shambhala), Seeding the Heart: Practicing Lovingkindness with Children, and Meditating Together, Speaking from Silence: the Practice of Insight Dialogue. Gregory also is the founder and Guiding Teacher of the non-profit Metta Foundation. 
Gregory travels extensively sharing Insight Dialogue and Dharma Contemplation, and teaching the Dhamma.Gregory holds a Ph.D. in Learning and Change in Human Systems and is a visiting teacher at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. He co-founded the hunger project Harvest with Heart. Formerly a composer then scientist, he also founded the New York City media technology center Harvestworks/Studio PASS, the Electronic Art Ensemble, and ICAD, the International Conference on Auditory Display. 

Contact Address;
Zurich Buddhist Vihara,
Sophie Hämmerlistr.22,
5600 Lenzburg. Switzerland.
Te: 0041 43 534 51 01, Mobil; 0041 76 340 02 04
Email: zbuddhistvihara@gmail.com






Sudarshana Meditation Centre,
58/1 Yatiyana, Minuwangoda,
Sri Lanka

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Programme on

Friday, December 13, 2013

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